Ágnes Csiby
psychologist, sexualpsychologist

What matters isn’t how many good or bad things happen in our life, but how we look at them.

As a person and a psychologist I am always very optimistic. Even in the most difficult situations I can find something to be happy about and I help patients to adopt an approach, with the help of which they can feel well even during the struggles and problems of everyday life.

I firmly believe that those should work as a psychologist who are interested in other people’s problems and can turn to patients with empathy. This is why I decided to become a psychologist.

I use a person-centered method, in which patient and therapist are equal partners, and the psychologist is characterised by total acceptance, empathy and credibility.

I started my career as an economist. I have been a subordinate and a leader, a head of a successful private marketing company, founder, participant and chair of professional associations.

I turned to psychology when I was already adult, a mature person with a lot of life experience.

I earned a degree in psychology at the University of Pécs.

I studied person-centered psychotherapy counselling at the Hungarian Person-centered Psychotherapy and Counselling Association.

I graduated as a sexualpsychologist at ELTE University.

I am a wife and a mother of two boys. I do yoga, I do sports and I love to study.

I do therapy in English language as well.

My clients say about me that they like the undivided attention that they get from me. They like that they become open and they get relief by the healing conversations, they feel that they have received something and they feel better and better.

What kind of problems do I help with?

I offer healing conversations where I help to discover the real ground of your problems and to find the psychic way to a solution. These seem to be conversations but it is a healing process indeed.

Emotional instability

Health problems with a psychic background

Relationship problems

Sexual problems

Crisis situations

Elaborating loss

Handling stress

Not all psychological methods and not all psychologists are convenient for a certain client.
The basis of person-centered psychotherapy counselling – the method I work with – is empathy, credibility and unconditional acceptance of the client.
Contact me if you need a caring, empathetic psychologist who helps to find the real cause of your problem and the way to healing. Contact me if you feel you are alone with your problem and you cannot proceed without assistance.

Why choose me?

Because I became a psychologist after I had acquired lots of experience in other fields of life.
Because my starting point is practice in combining theory with experience.
Because I can tune in to the frequency of patients and I offer personalised treatment.
Because as a psychologist I do what I like: helping people through healing conversations.

Where do I have consulting hours?

1136 Budapest, Pannónia street 13

I do psychological consultations also online, with skype or other video applications.


Fee of psychological consultation: 50 minutes HUF 12.000
Cancellation within more than 72 hours will not be invoiced.

+36 305997361